Gobstopper I - The build In Minature

remarkable scale model recreation of GSI

Here at RCM we are always very honored when customers "wear our colours". From an RCM fleece to our trademark stripe decal kits, its great to see the following both Gobstopper I & II create and how they inspire others around them.


Whilst browsing the net we came across the most amazing model of Gobstopper I created by "snrscaleaddicts", in fact we were so impressed we simply had to share it with you all. Check out the level of detail, workmanship and artistic talent that went into creating a truly spectacular scale model of GSI:


Almost every detail of the car has been re-created by hand to ensure the model is an exact replica. From the sequential shift stick, to the rear boot panel and custom bonnet vents, it would seem this model maker hasn't missed a trick!



The front bumper is a work of art. You can see below the extent of modifications that were required so as to obtain the same original look as GSI. Those of you with a keen eye would have noticed that even the inner front wheel tubs have been included!



The dashboard received modification and a flocked appearance was added followed then by the seats and custom made harnesses. The vehicles livery has then been re-created to be a perfect match.



At first glance you could be mistaken for thinking this is a bought "off the shelf model" but study those pictures and you cant help admiring the love, hard work and pure passion that has gone into something so small and unique!

You can see more of snrscaleaddicts amazing work here on there enjoygram feed!



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