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Top 10 tuning products for 2015

We countdown our predicted top 10 selling products for 2015!


10 | Coming in at number ten is Project Mu with their superb selection of performance brake pads.

Brakes are something that can often be difficult to get excited about however the right pad can make a huge difference to the driving experience of your car whether it be on the road or race track. With so many brake pad manufacturers on the market it’s often hard to know which manufacturer to choose from. RCM can now make that decision a far more simple one for Impreza owners everywhere with the introduction of the Project Mu range of high performance brake pads.

Project Mu have long been an established, premium motorsport brand in Japan with a proven race winning pedigree. Project Mu pads are used at the highest level of motorsport and can be found in many BTCC and DTM cars as well as in our own Gobstopper I and II championship winning Time Attack cars! Previously considered a ‘boutique’ brand used almost exclusively by professional racing teams Project Mu have done some restructuring of their production programme including the opening of a state of the art production facility outside of Japan to make their products more accessible to everyone. As a result the PMU range of street/track pads are now available at very competitive pricing when compared to other leading brake pads on the market.

Initial testing of the NS400, HC+800 and Club Racer compounds have been very impressive providing excellent bite hot or cold and offer an improved pedal feel when compared with their pads on the market. We have also found that Project Mu pads also provide higher friction levels and torque with better feel and wear rates compared to the competition. Another bonus is traditionally PMU Products are kind on rotors and wear exceptionally well for a motorsport derived brake pad.

9 |  Climbing the sales ranks and making their way into the top ten are our very own Parallel Fuel Rail Kits.

Available for all Imprezas 2001+ they are a must for those chasing big BHP. Ensuring fuel is fed equally to all four cylinders not only do they offer a great safety net for your precious engine but they also include a seperate performance fuel pressure regulator for the ultimate control of your fueling system.

To find out more click here!

8 |  In at number eight are STI's range of uprated chassis and suspension mounts.

Although not a recent addition to STI's parts range, with more owners looking to restore classic Impreza models we have seen sales climb over the past few years. With prices starting from only £49.99 the mounts offer improved resistance to flex, increased throttle response and aid chassis alignment. STI mounts offer a significant improvement for pocket money prices.

View the full range of STI parts here!

7 |  New for 2015 are Samco's breather, power steering and vacuum hose kits for the 2008+ Impreza STI.

Samco Silicone Hoses have long been a popular upgrade across the tuning scene and now with the addition of more kits there is not a single hose that cannot be replaced for the vastly improved Samco equivalent.

Prices start from as little as £82.76 for a kit and with a lifetime warranty included we have to ask; "what is there to think about"?

6 |  Making its debut as one of our top selling parts is the new RCM Performance Oil Filter.

Offering improved filtering characteristics, increased oil pressure and manufactured by the well renowned Tokyo Roki group in Japan our new filter offers serious value for money!

Read in detail why we believe the RCM Performance Oil Filter is so important here!

5 |  Half way up the top ten is the new range of RCM Performance Head Gaskets released in 2014.

Engineered to perform under the most extreme of conditions our cylinder head gaskets are rated for use up to and over 600BHP and feature a multi layer construction finished with a nitrile rubber coating to offer the ultimate seal.

Each gasket is manufactured to accept the larger 14mm head stud conversion and is precisely stamped from dies leaving a much smoother, perfectly finished edge to the gasket.

Available in three different sizes for EJ20, EJ22, and EJ25 you can be assured we have the correct gasket available for your needs.

Browse the range of gaskets available in our store now.

4 |  At number four enters our range of RCM timing belt kits.

Not usually something that gets our pulses racing but you can't deny that the importance of your timing belt is key to the engines survival. Neglet your timing belt or tensioners and it could cost you heavily withn the resulting engine damage!

Our range of timing belt kits include all the necessary components required to carry out the change. Not only are the idlers and tensioners genuine parts direct from the manufacturer but we also offer a choice of five belt types to suit both budget and power levels.  

All these benefits are now available at unbelieveable prices for 2015!

3 |  A new product expected to be popular this year are our  RCM Multipoint Fitment Roll Cages.

Although initially found fitted to vehicles designed purely for motorsport use we are now seeing a big rise in road car fitment with sales up 20% in this sector over the past two years. 

Whether it be for rallying, circuit racing, hill climbs, drag, track days, or just to look good we have the right cage for you. Available as a "bolt in" or "weld in" multipoint cage we offer advice sales and fitment through our workshop facilities.

2 |  Just missing out on the top spot are our new range of Cylinder Head Stud Kits

Using high performance cylinder head studs as appose to the conventional head bolts are a valuable asset, if not a "must have" for any new engine, rebuild or repair. 

We have now increased our RCM head stud range for 2015 with the addition of our 11mm "Extreme" and "High Performance" kits which can be used without the need for modification to the engine block. Both these kits offer the highest tensile strength and yield currently available on the market and have been designed and produced as a result of working with nothing other than the EJ series Subaru engine for over 20 years.

To find out more and view the complete range of kits available please visit "RCM Parts" on our website.

1 |  Topping the chart and a certain winner for 2015 is the introduction of Matt black to the entire Subaru Samco Hose Range.

Samco has been leading the car tuning scene for many years when it comes to performance silicone hoses. With their range of exciting colours and designs coupled with outstanding quality at an affordable price its no wonder most modified Subaru engines proudly display the Samco stamp. 

We are now starting to see a new fashion trending its way across the tuning world in the form of Matt Black. Whilst "colour and bling" have long been the king to an attractive engine bay many owners and now adopting a far more subtle, stock appearence to their engine compartments. Customers are going out of their way to improve upon the standard look, with inlet manifolds and intercoolers being polished, new bolts replacing old ones, wiring being tucked away from sight, to name but a few its almost becoming restoration as much as it is modyfiying. OEM+ seems to be taking over! It would seem sales of "black" are catching up their coloured rivals and with the introduction of Matt Black hoses we can only see this new found look growing ever stronger!

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