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rrp / £29.95

inc. vat / £35.94

rrp / €34.15

inc. vat / €40.98

rrp / $39.72

Block Adaptor, this screws into the bottom of the engine block, and allows the modine water hose to be connected. 

The OE part is prone to rust and corrostion, and isnt available to buy a replacement. 

The RCM Stainless Steel version...

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rrp / £32.95

inc. vat / £39.54

rrp / €37.57

inc. vat / €45.08

rrp / $43.70

Genuine STI Pink performance oil filter.  This filter was designed with motorsport in mind, and the requirement for resistance to higher temperature/pressure.  Carbon has been intergrated within the design to help prevent the filter element deforming and potentially being damaged when the...

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