RCM Single Scroll Oil Catch Tank Drain Back Hose Kit



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Our oil drain back hose is designed specifically for all RCM oil separator catch tanks being fitted to single scroll turbo or pre 2006 Impreza's, offering an easier alternative to removing your catch tank in order to drain it of oil.

Manufactured from -8 200 Series stainless steel braided nitrile hose and supplied fully assembled ready to fit, the drain back hose locates from the base of the oil catch tank and attaches to the lower of the oil sump pan, replacing the sump drain plug with the use of a male / male adapter.

Fitting a drain back hose not only eradicates the need to drain your catch tank but more importantly enables any oil to return back to the engine where is rightfully belongs.

Supplied as a complete kit with all necessary parts to fit makes this a fast modification that will make all the difference. 

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# technical specification

• -8 200 Series Stainless Steel Braided Nitrile Rubber Hose finished with an alloy -8 90 degree adapter at each end.

• Heat Shrink Covered Drain Hose for protection against chaffing.

• Steel Coated Male / Male Adapter to replace the existing sump oil drain plug and allow the drain hose to be secured.

• Dowety Seal Washer included.

# key features

• After separation oil can drain back out of the tank and into the engine where it belongs.

• Catch tank no longer needs to be emptied.


# confirmed applications

Works with all RCM catch tanks covering all Single Scroll Impreza models from 1992-2007.

# shipping

    Box Dimensions

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30x30x5 cm

0.75 kg

1.22 kg

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