RCM 6 Speed Lightweight Flywheel Assembly



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The RCM 6 Speed Lightweight Flywheel is a single piece steel billet assembly weighing just 7.3Kgs.This represents a saving of almost 2Kgs over the standard OEM unit. Designed for all 6 speed Imprezas, this product has been manufactured to the highest standards. RCM flywheels are finished in a 'blackodised' coating to protect against corrosion. Also included in the kit is a new spigot bearing and set of clutch cover location dowels, and comes supplied with fitting instructions and torque settings for the flywheel bolts. The advantage gained from installing one of these flywheels comes from the reduction of rotational mass the engine is required to turn. This allows the engine to rev more freely resulting in a more responsive car with improved pick up from low revs. 

RCM flywheels are a direct replacement for the standard flywheel and will work perfectly with any standard sized clutch kit

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