RCM 12mm Modified Oil Pump



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At the heart of all Roger Clark Motorsport engine’s is the now world renowned RCMS Modified oil pump.

This clever, effective modification has been designed to assist the Impreza with it’s oil supply and is now regarded as a must have modification with any Impreza engine build. Each pump is carefully checked, given a serial number and then modified to incorporate a different pressure relief valve ensuring greater reliability and peace of mind to your Impreza engine.

This variant of oil pump is fitted with the larger 12mm Rotor meaning a higher oil pressure is produced, perfect for modified engines where components require superior lubrication.

Also included with our modified oil pump is the front crank oil seal, rear gallery oil seal and X7 bolts for securing the pump to the engine block

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# technical specification


• Modified with a billet, super finish, nitrided replacement plunger.

• 12mm Internal drive rotor.

• Serial numbered.

• Primed with oil prior to dispatch.

# key features

• Improved reliability

• Increased oil pressure over the standard 10mm oil pump.

• Carefully Inspected and primed with oil prior to dispatch.

# confirmed applications

All Impreza Turbo's 1992-2015

# shipping

    Box Dimensions

    Dimensional Weight

    Actual Weight


31x15x22 cm

1.71 kg

1.51 kg

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