RCM Group N Breather Hose Kit



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The Grp N Breather Hose kit is a replacement hose kit, to work in conjunction with the Group N Turbo Intake Hose (SEN1038), which has all of the breather ports removed, so the standard breather hoses do not have anywhere to connect to.  This breather kit connects the sytem whilst bypassing the intake hose, allowing the system to vent to atmosphere, rather than the engine injesting the oil vapour normally returned to the engine via the turbo intake hose.


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# technical specification

• Manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J20.

• Manufactured under an ISO 9002:2000.

• Produced using a SamTek silicone inner lining, wrapped in a specialist fabric then finished with the finest quality silicone outer layer.

# key features

• Much stronger and more durable then the OEM hoses.

• Replacement parts with no modification required.

# confirmed applications

• Subaru Impreza Grp N 2001 - 2007 - V7 - V9

# shipping

    Box Dimensions

    Dimensional Weight

    Actual Weight


58x26x13 cm

0.86 kg

1.05 kg

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