RCM Open Neck Downpipe 2.5" UK / Euro Spec



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The RCM stainless steel open neck de-cat downpipe is designed to fit Impreza's from 2001 to 2004 (Euro spec cars only,and not suitable for twin scroll turbo).  The assembly consists of 3" pipework which reduces to 2.5" where it meets the secondary downpipe section (RCM330).

The fantastic open-neck design offers minimal exhaust back pressure on the turbo and offers excellent turbo spool characteristics.  This is ideally suited to Impreza's producing up to 350bhp.  Hand crafted using high quality stainless steel pipework and flanges, it removes any kind of gas flow restriction, resulting in excellent increase in response and release of power from your Impreza engine.

Please note that fitting RCM329 will alter engine emmisions.


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  • Subaru Impreza 2001 - 2004 Euro Spec Single Scroll

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60x55x20 cm

11 kg

3 kg

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