RCM Dry Sump System EJ20/22/25

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A key concern with any Subaru EJ engine, which has been tuned for performance or race use, is that of a reliable oil supply.  A Dry Sump Sytem can offer levels of safety and reliability which cannot be achieved when utilsing the factory wet sump configuration.  

The RCM system completely scavenges the crankcase, which dramatically reduces the excess / residual oil which can cause blow by and consequent power loss associated with this.

In addition to this, the dry sump system can deliver a far more consistent oil pressure to the engine, eliminating the oil starvation issues which are associated with the flat 4 boxer type engine configuration.  In addition to this the increased vacuum in the crankcase and pan improves the ring to bore sealing properties

When used in conjunction with the RCM Dry Sump Under Bonnet Installation Kit, the RCM Dry Sump kit offers unrivaled performance and reliability.

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  • All Subaru EJ Series Engines.

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