RCM 555cc Uprated Side Feed Injector Kit V5 - V6



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An essential part of modifying your Impreza engine is having the ability to supply the cylinder with enough fuel during the combustion process. 
Our 555cc high performance, injectors are designed to fit Imprezas from 1998 to 2000 and are a direct replacement to the 440cc standard units. These injectors are ideally suited to high power applications and boast simple installation to the standard fuel rail without any modification.

Not only do they ensure a safe and reliable supply of fuel, but they also maintain a factory-style spray pattern, providing a smooth idle and excellent throttle response.
As a guide, these side feed type injectors are able to produce up to 400Bhp .
Please note that it is recommended you fit an up rated fuel pump when fitting these injectors.

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• SUbaru Impreza 1999 - 2000 V5 - V6

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