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Oil control is a problem which can effect the Subaru's "Flat Four Boxer" engine design more than most due to its high crank case pressure and horizontal engine design.  This is one of the reasons we have spent so much time at RCM developing various products and systems to help keep the oil around the oil pickup pipe where it's needed, to be distributed around the engine.

When cornering at high speed the design of the Subaru engine means that oil can work its way out of the sump oil pan and flow across to the cylinder head castings, leaving a lower volume of oil behind surrounding the oil pick up pipe. The job of the oil pick up pipe is to suck oil up out of the oil sump pan and distribute it around your engines oil galleries (ensuring precious moving engine components are kept lubricated and cool at all times). If oil is not available to the pick up pipe then naturally many areas of the engine do not receive the precious lifeblood they need to survive, temperatures rise, metals expand and ultimately components fail.

The idea of a baffle plate is to put a "lid" on the container holding the engines oil, ensuring that if the momentum of the vehicle is thrown to one side the oil still remains in its designated area.

All too often during an engine rebuilds, the original, used sump will be used.  However, due to the multi skin design of the sump, it is virtually impossible to clean out any all of the debris which may be present which presents a real danger of engine failure due to contamination of the oil from any particles left between the skin layers.

For this reason, we have put together our comprehensive package, which should always be used when fitting a baffle plate to an existing engine, ie during a rebuild after a failure.

For the ultimate protection we also highly recommend our baffled sumps which can be used in conjunction with the baffle plate for complete peace of mind and the ultimate in oil control, before moving to a Dry Sump System (see RCM2668).

Please see compatibility section below to confirm suitability for your vehicle application.

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# confirmed applications

Subaru Impreza/Forest EJ20 engine (not suitable for EJ20 Twin Scroll JDM vehicles, such as Spec-C).  

Will fit all vehicles from 1992 - 2005 which utilise the original subaru sump part number 11109AA053.  If you are unsure on the fitment, please contact us with your chassis number and we will be happy to check suitability for you.

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