RCM Dry Sump Oil Pump Cover - Filter Feed



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The RCM Filter Feed Pump Cover has been specifically designed for use with our own bespoke dry sump system. Other dry sump systems use an original oil pump housing, with the ports blanked off with bungs or fittings which can become dislodged and leak.  Replacing this with our cover removes this problem, at the same time improving the look of the installation with the black anodised billet cover.  This particular option allows the oil feed to be taken from the original oil filter location by way of a sandwich plate (not supplied).

Please Note - This is NOT a replacement oil pump, and should only be used in conjunction with a dry sump system.

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  • All EJ20/22/25 Turbo Engines

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31x15x22 cm

1.71 kg

1.55 kg

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RCM Dry Sump Oil Pump Cover - Cover Feed

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