RCM500 2.1L High Compression Closed Deck Block Short Engine



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RCM 2.1ltr CDB forged short stroker engine.

We have a range of short blocks in stock, ready to assemble into one of our tried and tested forged engine options.

Each of our carefully selected used blocks are fully inspected, tested and measured, before undergoing our rigourous deep case block cleanse, which makes the block look as it did when it was made in the early 90's.  All of the block bungs and plugs are replaced with zinc coated replacements, along with new aluminium seals. RCM billet aluminium oil separator and gudgeon pin covers are used in place of the standard ones.

They are converted to accept a rear thrust bearing, have the RCM 14mm head stud conversion and have a block face skim to ensure they are completely flat and true.  Finally, they are rebored and honed to perfectly match the specifically selected pistons.  All components are individually selected and checked to ensure they are perfectly matched, the blocks are then assembled here at RCM by our own expert tecnicians.  Finally, each assembly is given an RCM identification badge prior to dispatch.

Studs shown for illustration purposes only, will need to be purchased separately.


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# technical specification

  • EJ20 Closed Deck Block Halves (remanufactured)
  • RCM / Arrow H Section Con Rod
  • RCM / Omega Pistons
  • 79mm 2.5ltr Nitrided Crankshaft
  • High Performance Main / Big End Bearings
  • RCM 14mm Stud Conversion
  • RCM Billet Oil Separator and Gudgeon Pin Covers

# key features

# confirmed applications

  • All 2.1 EJ20 Stroker Applications

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