RCM High Grip Bracket & Genuine Subaru Timing Belt



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The High Grip Tensioner System has been developed as a solution to the problem of belts bouncing and skipping teeth at high RPM, which can have catastrophic results.

For many years, race and rally teams have preferred to use the original 2 piece tensioner system as it is more reliable than the later single piece tensioner.  However, this has the disadvantage of not using a small idler bearing to reduce belt bounce and flex.

RCM's solution to this problem is a completely bespoke billet aluminum bracket, which utilises the original tensioner, and incorporates the later 2002+ small idler bearing.

This kit is for use where the later style system is in place and will replace the whole bracket, hydraulic tensioner and tensioner bearing, along with the small idler bearing, all bearings on the timing belt assembly and includes  a Genuine Subaru timing belt.

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# technical specification

This is a complete timing belt, bracket and tensioner kit, and includes;


  • RCM High Grip Bracket, Seals & Fixing Bolts
  • Hydraulic Tensioner & Fixing Bolts
  • Tensioner Bearing & Bolt
  • Small Idler Bearing & Bolt
  • Toothed Idler Bearing
  • 2 x Smooth Idler Bearing
  • Genuine Subaru Timing Belt

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31x15x22 cm

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