Willall Racing Subaru EJ20 Billet Block



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Willall Racing have literally thrown out of the rulebook when it comes to the Subaru EJ block casing.  They looked at all of the problems that can be faced when using this in high power applications, and designed their billet block to eradicate these problems.  Improved Piston to bore seal can massively increase, these blocks have been designed and tested to support applications up to 1000hp with the right build and supporting modifications.

Each billet block is CNC engineered from solid 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade aluminium, and features;

•Darton Ductile Sleeves which are fully supported to eliminate sleeve drop

•ARP Block Case Bolt Kit

•4 Bolt Main Tunnel System

•8 Block Main Dowels (compared to 2 on the OEM block)

•Low clearanced for Stroker Applications

•Precision Tunnel Boring / Hone Aligning

•Precision Deck Finishing

•14mm Head Stud Threads

•16.5mm Dowels

•Can be supplied in Raw Aluminium, Hard Gold or Hard Blue Anodize

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•All Subaru EJ20 Applications

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