RCM / Arrow 79mm Billet Crankshaft



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Quality. Innovation. Performance. The hallmarks of Arrow Precision. Only the highest quality raw materials, the latest methods and the knowledge of superbly skilled designers and engineers goes into the making of every Arrow Precision part.

Engineering precision detailed cranks begins with only the highest quality materials and a flexible batch manufacturing process. Arrow Precision works to exacting standards creating a Subaru crankshaft reverse engineered to stunning perfection. This is achieved through continuous inward investment in skilled, experienced people and working practices. Accuracy and efficiency are the hallmarks of a precision crank shaft ensuring you the strongest, lightest and most reliable crank available.

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# technical specification

Stroke: 79.00 mm

Pin Diameter: 51.99

Pin Width: 21.50

Main Diameter: 59.99

Main Width: 18.5. 22.0 & 23.0

C/Weight: 4

Bolt: 8

# key features

• Significantly lighter and stronger than the OE crankshaft

• Fully machined

• Arrows own grade of low sulphur CORUS steel in EN40B (722M24)

• Balanced between 2 and 15 grams (depending on the number of cylinders)

• 100% crack detection

• Certification – material, heat treatments, balancing, critical detail inspection report.

# confirmed applications

Suitable for use in all:

• EJ25 Engine Cases.

• Ej20 Engine Cases (including the early "closed deck block" design) for stroker engines.


# shipping

    Box Dimensions

    Dimensional Weight

    Actual Weight


60x26x24 cm

6.24 kg

9.8 kg

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