RCM / STI Timing Belt Kit VAF VAB EJ20 EJ257 2015+



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Your timing belt and the components it relies on to keep tension are vital to the running of the engine. Should just one component fail or your timing belt snap then the consequences for your engine could be disastrous resulting in great expense to repair. This is perhaps even more applicable to Subaru's as the vehicles are generally driven harder and a greater demand is placed on the engine, therefore its important to choose your components wisely and certainly not a place to cut costs.

RCM Timing belt kits have been created to give you the exact same parts as originally fitted to your vehicle, with the only exception being your preferred choice of timing belt. Sourcing direct with the manufacturers enables us to offer the same high quality o.e  parts your car truly deserves but at a fraction of the original cost.

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# technical specification

Contains the following parts:

• X1 Genuine Subaru Timing Belt

• X1 Timing Belt Tensioner

• X1 Toothed Idler Bearing 

• X2 Smooth Idler Bearings

• x1 Small Smooth Idler Bearing

# key features

• Impreza STI EJ257 registered 2015+

• Fits Euro and JDM Model


# confirmed applications

• Impreza STI EJ257 registered 2015+

• Fits Euro and JDM Model


# shipping

    Box Dimensions

    Dimensional Weight

    Actual Weight


31x36x7 cm

1.7 kg

3.2 kg

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