RCM Alloy / Steel Vernier Cam Pulley Set 1998-2000 (V5-V6)



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RCM Adjustable Vernier Pulleys are a valuable asset to any high performance engine allowing adjustment for exact valve timing to ensure the combustion process is as efficient as possible.

Given the important role of the camshaft pulleys, strength, durability, accuracy and quality are all important factors when producing such components.   

The outer toothed wheel of our vernier pulleys is manufactured from 7075 T6 Alloy which is a "Class 1 Type A Approved" material, the certification required for use in Formula 1 and the Aerospace industry. 7075 Alloy is thoroughly evaluated for corrosion resistance, and ultrasonically crack tested to ensure each batch of material is 100% perfect before use. After being produced using the latest 5 axis CNC machines the cam wheels are then finished with U.S military specification chromic acid anodising to ensure a durable and attractive finish. 

The centre disc of the pulley is manufactured from EN8 medium carbon steel, the same material typically used to produce gears, axels and shafts where strength is priority. As with the outer wheel the inner disc is then coated to prevent corrosion, increase hardness and ensure a perfect long lasting finish.

Finally each individual component is throughly inspected before being assembled into the finished gear wheel

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# technical specification

• Outer Wheel manufactured from 7075 T6 Alloy.

• Inner Disc manufactured from EN8 medium carbon steel.

• Military Specification Chromic Anodised Finish on all outer toothed wheels.

• Combined weight of 2.894 Kg

# key features

• Allows fine adjustment of valve timing to perfect the combustion process.

• Greatly improved strength over the OE pulleys.

• Decreased drag on the engine thanks to the lightweight properties of the pulleys.

• Easy Installation.

• Complete with timing marks to aid adjustment.

# confirmed applications

Suitable for the following vehicles:

• All Impreza turbo's registered between 08/1998 - 01/2000 (also known as Version 5 to Version 6).

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