STI Group N Engine Pitching Stopper Brace



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The STI Engine Pitching Stopper Brace is an exceptionally cost effective and relevant addition to any Subaru.

Designed to reduce forward and aft motion of the engine during acceleration and braking, the pitch stopper will prolong the life of your engine mounts and ensure energy is focused into the drivetrain as appose to being lost with any swaying engine motion.

We also recommend fitting STI's engine mount set for further improved performance.


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# technical specification

• Manufactured from hardened rubber compound.


# key features

• Reduces engine pitch under acceleration and braking.

• Improved driving response.

• Helps to channel power from the engine into the drive train more efficiently.

• Retains OEM characteristics concerning noise transfer through the bulkhead. Rigid mounts manufactured from aluminium can often channel noise and vibrations from the engine directly into the cabin leading leading to an uncomfortable, noisy journey. As the STI mount still retains a plastic frame with hardened rubber inserts it still dampens engine noise and vibrations whilst offering improved engine sway characteristics over the OEM stop.


# confirmed applications

• All Subaru Impreza's from 1992-2014 (including non turbo, limited editions and JDM models).

• All Subaru Forester's from 1996-2014 (including non turbo, limited editions and JDM models).

• All Subaru Legacy's from 1992-2014 (including non turbo, limited editions and JDM models). 


# shipping

    Box Dimensions

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24x14x10 cm

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