2016 - Whats New ?

A rundown of the latest offerings from the RCM Stable.

2016 - Already a busy year for new lines, with more to come !  We have a rundown of our latest trending products.

RCM2668 | Opening the rundown is the long anticipated RCM Dry Sump Kit.

Oil Starvation.. The bane of many a Subaru.  With it's flat 4 configuration, the EJ series of engines is a prime candidate for this when under hard cornering or high revving applications.

Dry Sump Systems are a time proven solution to the issues encountered with the traditional wet sump factory setup, and the latest offering from RCM has been extensively tested, to ensure that it is a complete bolt on solution. Couple this with the RCM Under Bonnet Installation Kit, and you have the complete package.

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RCM1790 |  Joining our already comprehensive range of Head Gaskets, are the new EJ22 options.

Previously available for earlier heads, we have now added another duo of gaskets, with the correct water jacket cutouts for the 2006+ heads, which is an ever more common option for this superb block choice.  More information here.

RCM1515 |  They're Back !! The ever popular RCM Fuel Pressure Regulators are here again.

Although not a recent addition to RCM range, we have finally been able to resurrect our own range of regulators, complete with pressure gauge port.  Each comes with a comprehensive fitting kit, and can be incorporated into any of our Parallel Fuel Rail applications.  Full range of colours listed here.

Nitron. Fast becoming THE name for Performance suspension

Whether its Road or Track, the Nitron range has a product to suit your application.  The R3 range is an out and out track setup, with the R1 range now becoming more commonplace on fast road cars.  Roger Clark Motorsport recently aligned with Nitron, to become their Worldwide distributor for all Subaru applications.  This has enabled us to put a large stockholding in place, allowing us to fulfil your requirements for the entire Impreza range within a few days.  Custom setups are also available within a few weeks.  For more on the features and benefits of the Nitron range of suspension, please see here.

Fuel Rails - move away from the side..

Early impreza's, fitted with Side Feed Injectors, have often struggled with fueling, due to the lack of options for injectors. With our conversion kits, you can now fit Top Feed injectors to your classic V1 - 6 Impreza, and still utilize your existing inlet manifold. Information on all the 3 different kits can be found here.

Half Moon seals, but not quite as you know them.

Those problematic leaking half moons can now be a thing of the past. Our own Billet Aluminium versions will not crack or become brittle with age, they will not need replacing once fitted, they will just get rid of that leak, for good, you can order them here.

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