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Subaru "STI" Anti Theft Valve CapsSubaru "STI" Anti Theft Valve Caps
Subaru SKU: SDM5012Subaru "STI" Anti Theft Valve Caps

It's all in the detail!.....You can now personalised your tyre valve with these awesome metal lockable STI Anti theft valve caps. They come with a clever screw driver which allows you to unlock the cap when you need to check tyre pressures. ...

List Price (exc VAT): £17.99 Sale price Your Price: £21.59
Subaru "STI" Tyre Valve Cap SetSubaru "STI" Tyre Valve Cap Set
STI Sports Parts SKU: SPE1072Subaru "STI" Tyre Valve Cap Set

These are typical high quality metal Japanese STI tyre dust caps. Beautifully made these are a stunning addition to your alloy wheels. On the end of the cap is the STI logo to compliment your Subaru.

List Price (exc VAT): £56.95 Sale price Your Price: £68.34