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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
RCM Aftermarket Fuel FilterRCM Aftermarket Fuel Filter
RCM SKU: SSE22RCM Aftermarket Fuel Filter

An ideal standard replacement fuel filter for owners on a budget. The high quality Bosch filter provides a cost effective solution which is sourced from OE manufacturers directly, ensuring the highest quality possible, whilst maintaining a ...

List Price (exc VAT): £21.16 Sale price Your Price: £25.39
Genuine Subaru Fuel Filter
Subaru SKU: SSE04Genuine Subaru Fuel Filter

A Genuine Subaru fuel filter for cars from 1992 - 2007.

List Price (exc VAT): £52.67 Sale price Your Price: £63.20
Fuel Pump Housing Gasket V1 - V9Fuel Pump Housing Gasket V1 - V9
Subaru SKU: SGA139Fuel Pump Housing Gasket V1 - V9

Genuine Subaru Fuel Pump Housing Gasket. This is the gasket located on top of the fuel tank, and seals between the tank and the cover which the fuel pump is attached to.

List Price (exc VAT): £19.13 Sale price Your Price: £22.96