Subaru Impreza 2006-2007 Spare Parts

The “Hawkeye” represented the last facelifted model of the 2nd generation Subaru Impreza. As with previous models, subtle styling tweaks to the front end gave the car it’s unique yet very desirable look.

Again the 2.0 litre EJ engine was retained but this time round, they introduced the EJ25 power plant outside of Japan with a 25% increase in capacity giving it extra low down torque. This was achieved with the 79mm stroke crankshaft and a larger diameter bore, increased from 92.00mm to 99.50mm 


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Sold out

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Having undergone what was effectively 7 years of development this model finished production a very sorted and capable car that is still a real favourite within the Subaru community.

More Limited Edition models were also included in the line up including the now very collectable GB270 and RB320.

Vehicle Dimensions:

Wheel base: 2525mm

Length: 4415mm

Width Saloon:1730mm

Width Wagon: 1695mm

Height: 1425mm

Curb Weight: 1360Kgs