Subaru Impreza 2001-2002 Spare Parts

The 2nd generation "New Age" Impreza was introduce in August 2000 and was based on a completely different floor pan and body style to it’s predecessor. It was longer, wider and heavier and available in 4 door and 5 door configurations only. This particular variant of the Impreza earned the nicknamed the “Bugeye” due to it’s front head light styling although it wasn’t long before Subaru put the car through the facelift process!

The 2.0 litre EJ engine was retained for both the WRX and WRX STI models as was the signature Subaru 4 wheel drive system. Big changes to the engine were made with the inclusion of variable valve timing on the inlet camshafts, top feed injector fuel system, larger top mounted intercooler assembly, as well as larger Brembo brakes with the STI model.


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What it gave away in weight and size, it made up for with it’s superior handling, in particular it’s front end grip and an increase in overall traction and driveability. The other big change was the addition of the bigger, stronger and heavier 6 speed gearbox on all STI models which like the previous model was available with either a viscous or electric centre differential.

More Limited editions models were produced by Subaru to celebrate the cars continued Motorsport success again securing the drivers World Rally Championship in 2001 at the hands of Richard Burns.

Vehicle Dimensions:
Wheel base: 2525mm
Length: 4415mm
Width Saloon:1730mm
Width Wagon: 1695mm
Height: 1425mm
Curb Weight: 1360Kgs