RCM Lightweight Ancillary Pulley Kit & Fluidampr with Air Con V8+

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Roger Clark Motorsport has developed their own range of high quality lightweight auxiliary engine pulleys for V8+ Subaru Impreza's

Made from the highest quality aluminium, these pulleys have been manufactured utilising the latest CNC techniques as used by today's leading Formula 1 teams.
After machining, pulleys are anodised using the latest military specification, followed by the CNC of the Roger Clark Motorsport' logo.

This weight reduction lowers the engine's reciprocating mass, improving acceleration and enhancing engine response as well of giving your engine the Roger Clark Motorsport identity and seal of quality.

In conjunction with the RCM Lightweight power steering and alternator pulley we have also incorporated the Fluidampr Crank Pulley. 

By installing a Fluidampr viscous damper you will reduce wear on the main bearings and timing gear, achieve more accurate valvetrain operation and lower the risk of crank failure.

Unlike rubber based dampers, Fluidampr automatically adapts to your modifications, then continuously self-tunes in real time to optimum damping at both peak levels and across a broad changing frequency range. As the engine revs up, torsional vibration suspends the inertia ring and reduces its weight felt on the crankshaft. Measured as rotating weight, this effect helps maintain quick revs while preserving optimum dampening.

Must have for instant protection against turbo and NOS power surges. Features precision machined and computer balanced components. Never needs to be tuned or rebuilt. SFI Approved. Made 100% in the U.S.A. ISO Certified.

Our kit retains the standard pulley diameters which allow the use of the existing auxiliary drive belt to ensure power steering and alternator speeds remain standard. Using this kit will also allow you to continue to use your air conditioning.

Kit comprises of Fluidampr crank pulley, alternator pulley, and power steering pulley.

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