Subaru 75mm Heat Treated Crankshaft - WRX & STI 1998-2005 (V4-V8) EJ20

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Originally introduced in November 2002 this crankshaft was a factory fit component on all Japanese Domestic Model vehicles. For many years the crankshaft was supplied balanced, cross drilled and finished with a nitride hardening offering good potential as a budget tuning component. In 2013 the crankshaft was superceeded and both the cross drilling and nitride hardening ceased to be included in the manufacture, instead being replaced with a more cost effective form of heat treatment.

This "JDM" crankshaft is still considered to be the best "standard" option available for all EJ20 engines and is the preffered choice before investing in more expensive billet crankshafts.

• 75mm stroke.

• Rear thrust configuration.

• Heat treated for extra strength. 

• Original replacement part.

• Manufactured in Japan.

• Supplied sealed in the genuine Subaru packaging.

Suitable for:

• Impreza WRX 03/1998 - 2005 EJ20 (also known as V4 to V8).

• Impreza STI 03/1998 - 2005 EJ20 (also known as V4 to V8).

• Impreza AWD2000 03/98 - 2000 (also known as V5 to V6)

• Impreza "RB5"

• Impreza "P1"

• Impreza WRX "UK300"

• Impreza WR1

• Impreza WRX "RA"

• Impreza STI "RA"

• Impreza STI "Type R"

• Impreza S201

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