RCM400 2.0L Thick Wall Short Engine

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RCM400 2.0L Thick Wall Short Engine

RCM pride themselves on supplying the ultimate range of custom built EJ Series short engines.

We have built an enviable reputation of assembling high powered Subaru power units to a meticulous level of detail not seen in the tuning industry before. This level and depth of expertise is based on 30+ years of experience of working with the Subaru brand along with our Gobstopper race car program, whilst competing at the highest level.

Our short engine range covers 2.0 litre, 2.1, 2.2, 2.35 and 2.5 litre in both standard and high compression configurations ensuring we have a solution for your intended power level and application.

Each engine block is carefully selected, inspected and measured before the machining and assembly process begins. Only the finest RCM engine componentry is used in our builds ensuring proven performance, durability and long term reliability.

After final inspection, each engine is finished with it’s own unique build tag, identifying engine spec, engine builder and build date. 

  • EJ207 2.0 Thick Walled Block Halves
  • RCM / Arrow H Section Con Rod
  • RCM / Omega Pistons
  • 2.0ltr Nitrided Crankshaft
  • High Performance Main / Big End Bearings
  • All applications requiring EJ20 Short Block

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