RCM500 Subaru Single Scroll Precision Hybrid Turbo

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Exhaust Housing: RCM500 Exhaust Housing
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Now this turbo breaks the rules in terms of power delivery and spool for a genuine 500Bhp+ turbo located in the stock position on the Subaru power plant.....this is an awesome turbo!

In conjunction with our technical partners Precision Turbo in the USA, we have been involved with the development of this genuine 500Bhp+ turbo which is compatible with EJ20, 22 & 25 engine platforms in single scroll configuration.

Incredibly this turbo has the capability of developing over 500Bhp is extremely fast spooling and achieves peak power much earlier in the range than comparable 500Bhp+ turbos.

Developed to maximise power and at the same time minimise turbo lag ensuring you have perfect power delivery for your intended application, be it road, track or within a competition environment.

Each turbo is fitted with an uprated actuator to optimise boost control and can be used with either the factory, or aftermarket exhaust manifold for a direct bolt on fitment, this Precision turbo is a great upgrade for modified Subaru's.

We have developed our own high performance Samco Turbo inlet pipe to work specifically with this turbocharger, please see SHO254, SHO256, SHO257, SHO258.

Developed from the Gobstopper Race Car program we also offer the RCM Track Attack thermal barrier which retains vital heat energy within the exhaust housing which helps turbo response and reduces turbo lag making this turbo an even better all round performer. Beautifully crafted, this coating also helps protect engine bay ancillary parts from high turbo temperatures.

  • Precision Turbo Custom Billet aluminium compressor wheel
  • Liquid-cooled, roller bearing centre housing rotating assemble (CHRA)
  • Higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance
  • 55mm inducer /compressor wheel
  • Based on the original Subaru IHI P18 Exhaust Housing
  • 58mm Turbo Inlet size and can be used in conjunction with our range of Precision High Performance Samco Sport Turbo inlet hoses
  • Optional RCM Track Attack Exhaust Housing Thermal Barrier
  • Uprated 1.2Bar Actuator
  • All Subaru Single Scroll Turbo Applications 

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