RCM Oil Pickup Anti Surge Adaptor

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The RCM Oil Pickup pipe anti surge adaptor is one of the latest additions to our comprehensive range of RCM oil control products for the EJ series engines.

The issue of oil surge on the Subaru flat four engine layout is well known and the RCM anti surge adaptor up is another simple yet very effective way to help protect your engine against potential damage during spirited driving, especially whilst on track and when using sticky tyres.

Further benefits of the adaptor comes from its construction and castellated form which allow it to touch the base of the sump pan without restricting oil flow whilst also allowing it to act as a cushion or damper. The cushioning of the adaptor can help to prevent cracking or fracture of the brazing on the pickup pipe. In the unfortunate situation where damage to the base of your sump has occurred the risk of restricted oil flow into the pick up pipe is negated.

Easy to install and compatible with all OEM pick up pipes, these are a very cost effective way of protecting your engine against an expensive repair.

  • All EJ Series Pickup Pipes

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