RCM 19 Row Oil Cooler Kit 1992-2000

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Engine oil temperatures are key to maintaining a healthy engine as well as performance. Under hard driving conditions oil temperatures naturally raise as a greater heat is generated from the faster moving engine components. With oil temperatures greatly increased the viscosity of the oil naturally thins lessening its ability to efficiently lubricate precious engine components which eventually leads to premature wear and in extreme cases engine failure.

Our cooler kit has been specifically designed to combat the above problem and ensure your temperatures maintain a safe level. Choosing only the best possible components our kit not only cures rising engine temperatures but is built to last with no compromise on quality.

Each RCM oil cooler kit is supplied with a 19 Row Setrab Core. Setrab's cores are renowned for strength and quality, with working temperatures from -40°C to 150°C and a maximum burst pressure of 37 Bar(g), these coolers are more than qualified for the job and will provide long term reliability as well as consistent performance.

Leading Aeropquip manufacturers Goodridge produce pre-assembled lines to our specification using their latest -8 200 Series stainless steel braided nitrile hose. Designed to Goodridge’s exacting specifications this hose has been supplied to motorsport racing champions for many years. 200 Hose provides essential protection and resistance to high pressure, temperature, vibration, fire risks and chafing. It is constructed of a seamless synthetic CPE inner with an integral stainless steel braid and a high tensile stainless steel outer braid. 200 Series hose has the highest corrosion and fire resistance threshold of any stainless braided nitrile hose available, but lets not stop there! In addition our lines are covered with a sleeve which acts as a secondary fire retardant, insulator and chafe protector. To finish, each line end is fitted with a re-usable alloy fitting precisely engineered to fit 200 Series Hose. The Aerospace standard Triple Seal/Double O-ring nitrile, cutter design ensures a secure, leak free connection every time and allow for any required alignment with their 360-degree swivel ends.

The final vital component is the Thermostatically Controlled Oil Sandwich Plate ensuring your oil cooler only engages when required.

Oil Cooler:

• Core Dimensions: 19 Row 210x190x50 (mm)

• Max Pressure: 12Bar(g) | Burst pressure 37Bar(g).

• Working Temperature: -40°C to 150°C.

• Max Connection Tightening Torque: 40NM.

• Oil Line Adapter Thread: M22 (supplied with M22 to -8 Male / Male alloy adapters).

Oil Lines:

• Material: Goodridge 200 series -8 Braided Nitrile Hose.

• Fittings: X4  -8  236 JIC  90° Swept Alloy (Cutter style, Re-usable). Supplied pre assembled.

Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate:

• Alloy Thermostatic Control Plate | Thermostat opens at 85°C.

• Supplied with X2 Male / Male fittings | AN-8 to join oil lines.

• Includes X1 Oil filter / sandwich plate adapter bolt M20 X1.5

• Thermostatically controlled

• Provides additional engine oil cooling under high temperatures.

• Helps to maintain stable engine temperatures.

• Prolongs engine life

• Supplied with pre assembled oil lines. 

Suitable for all Impreza Turbos 1992-2000.

Includes 3 & 5 door European and JDM models.

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