RCM RHD Oil Catch Tank Kit Single Scroll EJ25 & Twin Scroll 2003-2017

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The RCM Oil Catch tank kit offers many benefits.

On a standard engine oil vapours from the crankcase and cylinder heads are usually recycled back through the air intake system. The downside of this is that the intake hoses, turbo, intercooler and connecting pipe work can all see a build up of oil over a period of time which in turn slows air flow, reduces cooling abilities and causes general wear and tear.

Fitting a catch tank kit enables you to vent all excess vapours directly into a separate tank where the oil is then separated from the damp air before being returned directly back into the sump oil pan. This ensures your engines breathing system is kept clean and free of oil residue to maximize its efficiency and can be especially useful in high performance or tuned applications where dense oil vapour can have a detrimental effect on performance.

Further advantages of an RCM catch tank kit is that aside from receiving all the corresponding parts required for a complete installation, we also supply an oil drain hose which connects between the catch tank and the sump meaning your precious oil is never left filling up in your tank and instead is returned back to the engine where it belongs.

Unlike universal tanks all RCM tanks are manufactured specifically for the Impreza which guarantees easy, straight forward fitment for that factory appearance.

• All RCM Catch Tanks are fabricated by hand in the UK using tig weld.

• All RCM Catch tanks are produced with a specific bracket to allow fitment on to the Impreza chassis rail.

• Each kit is supplied with a -8 Drain back hose manufactured using two -8 AN 90 degree alloy fittings connected with -8 metre length of stainless steel braided, nitrile inner rubber hose. 

• A special adapter found in each kit replaces the oil sump pan drain plug to allow connection for the oil drain return pipe.

• Lengths of oil breather hose are supplied pre-cut to allow each of the three breather vents to be connected directly to the tank.

• Silicone blanks found in the kit are supplied to cover the old breather inlet ports found on your turbo intake hose.

• A vent pipe is supplied to allow separated damp air to escape back to atmosphere. The hose is designed to exit the tank and run down the transmission tunnel of the car.

• Straight forward installation thanks to a custom designed catch tank and comprehensive fitting kit.

• Removes the need for oil vapours to be directed through your air intake system leading to a cleaner healthier, better performing engine.

• RCM Catch tanks are baffled so as to efficiently separate the oil from the damp vapour. This ensures that only engine oil returns back to your engine without the damp air!

• Designed specifically for the Impreza our tanks are manufactured with the correct amount of inlets for each breather port found on your engine and also include the correct size vent to allow damp air to escape back to the open.

• Manufactured in Aluminium and finished in Industrial Black powder coat our tanks are built to the highest standards and will keep appearance for years to come.

• For Right Hand Drive Models

• TWIN SCROLL Impreza turbos registered between 2001 and 2007. 

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