RCM Subaru Impreza GD# Dry Sump Under Bonnet Installation Kit RHD EJ20/22/25

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The RCM Dry Sump system is an extremely capable and well proven design for the Subaru EJ engine series. This totally removes the oil starvation issues encountered with the flat 4 boxer type engine.

This comprehensive package, utilises our bespoke oil tank with integral breather system to vent both heads and crankcase. This kits locates in the engine bay and is designed for right hand drive cars only. Once installed, the system contains 8ltrs of oil, ensuring your engine is always supplied with the oil it needs, even under the most extreme conditions.

High Quality Goodridge fittings and oil lines are used to complete the system. An oil supply line is supplied complete. Fittings only for the oil return line are supplied which then allow you to create your own oil return configuration specific to your vehicle / oil cooler setup. Return lines can be made to order if required.

All components have been specifically developed to be used in conjunction with our Dry Sump Systems RCM3231, RCM3232 & RCM3715 offering a complete oil supply solution for your right hand drive New Age Subaru Impreza GD# application.

  • All Subaru EJ Series Engines, however this Kit is Specific for the right hand drive GDA/B Chassis

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