RCM Super Lightweight Ancillary Pulley Kit with No Air Con V8+

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Roger Clark Motorsport's latest addition to their lightweight pulley sets is the Super Light series, specifically designed for V8+ Subaru Impreza's.

Developed for the extreme power enthusiast, the further weight reduction has been achieved by additional precision machining and removal of the air conditioning drive on the crankshaft pulley.

Constructed from the highest quality aluminium, these pulleys have been manufactured utilising the latest CNC techniques as used by today's leading Formula 1 teams.

After machining, pulleys are anodised using the latest military specification, followed by the CNC of the Roger Clark Motorsport' logo.

Weighing just 850grams, they offer a reduction in weight of 2.33 Kgs over the OEM units. This weight reduction lowers the engine's reciprocating mass, improving acceleration and enhancing engine response as well of giving your engine the Roger Clark Motorsport identity and seal of quality.

Our kit retains the standard pulley diameters which allow the use of the existing auxiliary drive belt to ensure power steering and alternator speeds remain standard.

The Super Light kit comprises of crank pulley, alternator pulley, power steering pulley and a replacement nut and spring washer.

Please note that it is not possible to run air-conditioning with this pulley arrangement.

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