STI Group N Engine Mount Pair 1992-2007

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The STI Hardened Engine Mounts are produced by STI in Japan and have long been a valuable asset to any engine rebuild or form of chassis tuning.

Manufactured from a much denser rubber compound than the OEM mount, STI's homologated engine mounts offer reduced flex in engine movement, particularly under acceleration and hard cornering. The reduction in engine movement not only offers an improved drive through the gear lever but also channels engine power to the drive train more efficiently.

STI Mounts are a direct replacement part meaning no modification is required.

If you order this kit, you will receive x1 Left Hand mount and x1 Right Hand mount.

Also sold separately if required. Please see part numbers SPE177 & SPE178.

• Manufactured from hardened rubber compound.

• Supplied with a new steel base plate.

• Reduces engine movement under acceleration, heavy cornering and braking.

• Improved driving response.

• Helps to channel power from the engine into the drive train more efficiently.

• All Subaru Impreza's from 1992-2007 (including non turbo, limited editions and JDM models).

• All Subaru Forester's from 1996-2008 (including non turbo, limited editions and JDM models).

• All Subaru Legacy's from 1992-2009 (including non turbo, limited editions and JDM models). 

Not suitable for any Subaru Diesel model. 

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