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On entry into the United Kingdom, Subaru UK fitted the Sigma Alarm systems to their range of cars. As cars rolled out of the show rooms, cars were supplied with x2 Sigma alarm fobs which both activated and de-activated the cars security system.

Over time, these have become tired and generally abused as they lived alongside a bunch of keys, dealings with knocks of everyday life. The button eventually starts to malfunction resulting in the owner pressing the activation button even harder!.... eventually resulting in the fob no longer functioning as it should.

The Sigma key fob exists in x2 different guises both of which are compatible with each other, both are branded with the Subaru logo.

They are both rectangular but the early fob had a circular battery carrier in the underside moulding and takes x2 lithium CR2025 batteries. The later Sigma fob as we now supply takes a single CR2016 lithium battery.

Each fob comes with re-programming instructions allowing you to pair the new fob with your existing fob.

This is for the purchase of x1 key fob.

  • Subaru MY99+

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