Tein Flex-Z Coilover Kit

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Options: Flex Z Impreza WRX/STi 5 x 100 PCD
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FLEX Z inherits all the features and quality of STREET FLEX but the adoption of a new construction platform allows its price to be set at an amazingly low range. FLEX Z, of course, maintains the long-favored "Made in Yokohama" quality. Until now, all TEIN dampers couldÊbe disassembled for overhaul; however, there is now aÊnew "Sealed Structure" incorporated into FLEX Z. ÊA fully ride height adjustable shock absorber, fully loaded with TEIN's comprehensive technology, is now more affordableÊthan ever. ÊBringing old worn dampers back to life is simple; by replacing the sealed unit, the FLEX Z is as good as new.

With the growing trend toward the use of larger tires/wheels and aÊlowered ride height, FLEX Z uses twin-tube system, in pursuit of ride comfort on streets. ÊIn order to maintain the ride quality, a shock absorber has to have sufficient stroke, be low-frictional and move smoothly.ÊAs an oil chamber and a gas chamber are not arranged serially in a twin-tube system, it is easy to secure enough stroke. ÊIts smooth stroke movement makes it possible to follow rough and bumpy road surfaces quite well, offering a comfortableÊride at low speed and stable ride at high speed.

Full-length ride height adjustment system, used for FLEX Z, enables adjustment of ride height by adjusting the case length, without changing the damper stroke length and/or spring pre-load. This has the advantage that the change in ride quality is kept minimal when the height is adjusted. ÊThis system not only makes it possible to maintain good balance between the low-down appearance and ride comfort, but also provides more setting choices for sport driving as well.

FLEX Z has ever-popular 16-level damping force adjustment (comp./rebound together) feature with the use of needle valve. By turning the adjustment knob, damping force (stiffness) is adjusted linearly step by step, to change the ride and handling of the car to suit driver's needs/preferences. ÊUse of well-reputed "ADVANCE Needle" at the needle valve for oil flow control secures sufficient damping force adjustable range. ÊWhether it's for the handling characteristics of sport driving or for the ride quality according to numbers of passengers, finding the most desirable setting is easier than ever.

With EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) series installed, damping force can be controlled from the cockpit with ease. Stepping motors attached in place of adjustment knobs control the damping force quickly and accurately. ÊUse of EDFC turns 16-level adjustment into finer 32-level or 64-level adjustment mode (64-level only available with EDFC ACTIVE / EDFC ACTIVE PRO), to provide the optimum performance by fully utilizing the damping force adjustable range drastically widened by the use of "ADVANCE Needle".ÊWith EDFC ACTIVE / EDFC ACTIVE PRO, damping force can be controlled automatically according to changes in G-force and/or vehicle speed, to offer very smooth and slick ride like never before.Ê

FLEX Z kit includes upper mounts exclusively designed for each vehicle model; either reinforced rubber mounts or pillow ball mounts. ÊPillow ball upper mounts for front strut suspensions have camber adjustment feature.​

  • Steel Construction
  • Internal Twin Tube 
  • ZT Coating on shell case
  • 2 layer powder coating for superior durability and high corrosion resistance
  • Aluminium spring seats and hard resin washers for easy adjustment of the ride height
  • 16 point damping adjustment
  • Pillow Ball upper mounts included
  • Full length height adjustment at spring seat to maintain ride quality
  • EDFC Compatible
  • Replacement Dampers available to refurb when required


  • Subaru Impreza WRX 2001 - 2007
  • Subaru Impreza STi 2001 - 2004 (5 x 100 PCD)
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