RCM Cylinder 4 Cooling Mod Kit - Street Spec

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Ease of Fitment Guide: Intermediate

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Cylinder 4 cooling has long been a known issue on the EJ Family of Subaru engines.

The nature of the water passageways around this area means a lack of cooling can lead to an increase in the temperatures around this cylinder.

RCM's cost effective solution to this problem lies in our easy to fit Street Spec Cooling kit.

Billet fittings are fixed in place onto quality coolant hose with genuine Subaru water hose clamps, which you simply fit into the unused port at the back of the block at cylinder 4's location. This is then tee'd into the water matrix pipe directly above using the supplied fittings on the tee piece. The billet barb fitting is of the correct diameter to allow the right flow rate around cylinder 4 to cool without over cooling, and the 2 x supplied pipe lengths will ensure that the position and bend of the pipe is correct

(NB, on some vehicles, the position that the metal water pipe we attach to may vary slightly due to the length, you can trim the pipe if required to ensure that the hose does not kink).

  • All EJ Series engines

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