RCM Unequal Length Stainless Steel Motorsport Exhaust Manifold

Ease of Fitment Guide: Intermediate

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RCM have engineered this unequal length exhaust manifold specifically for Motorsport applications with the single scroll turbo in the stock position. Developed to withstand extreme and prolonged engine loads, our range of hand made motorsport exhaust manifolds also offer significant performance gains boasting increased power and torque with improved turbo spool.

Dipping into our decades of motorsport experience and designed with the real motorsport enthusiast in mind, catering for any motorsport arena where you'll find a Subaru these manifolds are engineered totally for purpose. High temperatures, high power outputs with ALS (Anti Lag Strategy), this manifold has it covered.

Beautifully hand made each manifold is supplied with an 3" v-Banded up-pipe which has a 47mm internal pipe diameter.

Each manifold comes complete with an installation kit which includes 3" V-Band Clamp, Turbo to manifold and manifold to head multi layer metal gaskets, stainless steel studs, high temperature nuts and blanking plugs where applicable. 

• Improved Spooling Characteristics.

• Improved BHP.

• Improved torque.

• Comes complete with installation kit.

• Designed for extreme motorsport applications

Suitable for the following models:

• All Impreza Turbo, UK and European specification 1992-2015.

• All Forester Turbo, UK and European Specification 1996-2007


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