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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
RCM Clutch Alignment Tool
RCM RCM Clutch Alignment Tool

Now this great little tool is an absolute must!!!.... for anyone taking on the challenge of clutch replacement on a Subaru. Unless the clutch drive plate is perfectly aligned to the flywheel you're going to struggle to relocate the gearbox ...

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RCM Subaru Engine Oil FunnelRCM Subaru Engine Oil Funnel
RCM RCM Subaru Engine Oil Funnel

This simple yet effective oil funnel made specifically for the Subaru makes life so much easier at service time. Avoid those annoy spillages when the oil "Glugs" or you struggle with a steady hand. Frustratingly you end up with oil on top o ...

List Price (exc VAT): £16.99 Sale price Your Price: £20.39