2015 STi Flexible Front Strut Brace

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STi developed the flexible strut brace, in their search for optimum driving balance. Out on the road, cars are subjected to forces from every direction, all of which have an impact on the car's performance and interior comfort.

The STi approach was to design their brace with the aim of controlling these forces to maximise performance. The tower bar itself features a completely unique layout, separated into left and right sections, and connected by linking balls. This serves to suppress any lateral movement whilst offering flexibility in the longitudinal direction. Settings have been tightened where needed and loosened in other areas. The result of this superb handling and straight line performance, at the same time as offering outstanding ride comfort.

Please note this is a non-stocked item and is shipped from Japan when you place your order. This will mean a delay of approx 4 - 6 weeks before delivery is made.

  • 2015 WRX STi Sedan

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