Exedy "Hyper Multi" Triple Plate Clutch Kit 6 Speed

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Ease of Fitment Guide: Intermediate

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Exedy have done a fantastic job on their Subaru multi plate clutches kits ticking every single box in the process….we can’t recommend them enough! There are suitable for any high powered applications including both street and competition work.

Fitment is the same as any standard Subaru clutch utilizing the standard actuation, clutch release & spiggot bearing meaning there are no modifications required to fit this kit….just plug and play!

This also means you get the same great pedal weight, feel and throw that the standard clutch gives you which is critical, as ultimately this is your connection with the car. This then allows perfect pedal modulation with the “bite Point” giving an accurate and user friendly driver experience.

It’s so important you fit a clutch that is easy to use and works with you as opposed to one that fights back resulting in a car that’s difficult to drive! This is a vital ingredient to any successful high powered project.

You also have total peace of mind that all individual clutch parts are serviceable and available allowing you to carry out any routine maintenance that may be necessary.

  • Subaru 6 speed applications 2001 - 2015

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