Group N Rally Induction Hose with Idle Control Breather Return V3/4

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The Samco range of high performance hose kits offer enhanced reliability and an instant aesthetic improvement to your engine bay.

Samco turbo intake hoses really are the best in the business. The smooth pipework allows the maximum flow of air into the turbo which not only helps with spool and turbo response but also an increase in power. However, the most impressive part of the Samco intake hose is it's side wall rigidity, giving it it's ability to hold it's shape under extreme loads without collapsing. The Group N Rally Induction Intake Hose has been specifically designed for rally applications. The hose has none of the un-necessary spouts found on the standard intake hose including the dump valve return, as these are no longer needed in Group N configuration. This hose has the idle control breather return hose incorporate into it's construction which was applicable to Version 3/4 Impreza engines.

Custom coloured hoses are also available to order if required.

Samco pride themselves on being hand made here in the UK, in South Wales. Samco Sport are the original high performance silicone hose brand and pioneers in the development of direct replacement high performance silicone hoses. Chosen by leading aftermarket tuners, International Motorsport teams in F1, BTCC, WTCC and OE vehicle manufacturers it’s no surprise that Samco are regarded by many as world leaders in performance silicone hose supply.

To add to their already impressive portfolio Samco Sport offer a lifetime warranty* with all of their products ensuring that you, “the customer” are buying a premium product that you can simply fit and forget for the life of the vehicle.

• Manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J20.

• Manufactured under an ISO 9002:2000.

• Produced using a SamTek silicone inner lining, wrapped in a specialist fabric then finished with the finest quality silicone outer layer.

• Lifetime warranty.

• Much stronger then the OEM hose.

• SamTek inner lining designed specifically to carry coolant fluid containing anti freeze, ensuring the silicone does not degrade over time.

• Choice of four colours to dramatically enhance the look of your engine bay.

• Each kit is supplied with new replacement stainless steel marine grade hose clamps. These clamps not only ensure the perfect seal but are resistant to corrosion.

• Lifetime warranty included on all Samco products. Buy once, fit and forget.

• Replacement parts with no modification required.

  • Impreza V3/4 Sti 1996 - 1998 EJ20K

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