RCM EJ20 Closed Deck Block Assembly

Ease of Fitment Guide: Advanced

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EJ20 Closed Deck Block. There are no longer any new closed deck blocks available to buy. We source low mileage blocks from a number of sources, and prepare them ourselves ready for your build.

Each block is thoroughly inspected, before undergoing our intensive cleaning process, bringing the surface of the block back to life. New oil squirters and washers are fitted, along with new block case location dowels, and the block is then fixed together with new bolts and washers. All the block case bungs are replaced, along with new gaskets, completing the process and giving you a block which looks as good as it did when it left Japan 20+ years ago. After a final inspection, each block is allocated its identification plaque, assuring you of the quality.

Please note that all closed deck blocks are Centre Thrust.

RCM offer a number of Engineering services to assist in the preparation of your block including:

- RCM Cylinder Rebore and Hone
- RCM Block Face Skim
- RCM Rear Thrust Conversion
- RCM 14mm Head Stud Conversion 

  • All EJ20 Applications

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