RCM Powerparts Subaru Impreza V3-V4 STI Subaru OE Profile Camshaft Kit

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As with most vehicle manufacturers, after a period of time certain parts are phased out and are no longer made. They become obsolete making them no longer available from Japan. 

This is what has happened with the parts numbers for the right hand and left hand inlet and exhaust camshafts for the Subaru Impreza Version 3/4 STI.

Not to leave Subaru owners high and dry!...we have gone and replicated the profile exactly to allow new componentry to be fitted to these vehicles during the engine rebuild process.

Each Cam is precision ground and polished from a new blank to the same exacting standards and tolerances every time, ensuring you have the same quality Cams as you would see in our race engines.

  • Inlet 278 Degrees Duration 10.74mm lift - Exhaust 274 Degrees Duration 9.98mm Lift

We have a range of profiles which we can apply to Camshaft Kits, if this is not suitable for your particular needs.

Subaru Impreza Turbo V1 - V4 - 1992 - 1998

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