RCM Prodrive / Alcon P1 330mm 4 Pot Brake Caliper Kit

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Originally fitted to the P1 by Prodrive between 1998 and 2000, this 330mm 4 pot Prodrive/Alcon kit had, until recently, long since dissapeared from production.

Now with permission from Prodrive, RCM and Alcon have again joined forces to bring back the brake kit originally offered on the iconic Subaru P1.

This is the complete bolt on package supplied as they were originally by Prodrive, with Ferodo DS Performance pads. This brake kit will fit under a range of 17" wheels (originally designed to fit under the P1-WRC OZ 17" wheels, but will fit under others), comes with bolts, brackets, shims and anti vibration washers.

For the driver who wants the ultimate in stopping power, Prodrive has engineered a comprehensive braking system upgrade tailored for the high performance of the Impreza Turbo/WRX.

This system has undergone extensive testing under the most demanding conditions at tracks and proving grounds around the country to ensure consistently strong braking without suffering the traditional problems of cold performance normally associated with these systems.

Improved brake pedal feel is an added appeal of this option.

The 4-pot front calipers, unique to Prodrive, are machined from lightweight aluminium to minimise unsprung weight and aid handling.

These are mated to 330mm discs featuring spiral venting to offer greater cooling capacity and a unique Prodrive groove pattern to continually clean the pad surface and resist glazing.

The pad material is chosen to complement the characteristics of the discs offering much greater stopping power and fade resistance without compromising cold braking performance.

  • Subaru Impreza P1

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