RCM Team Ice Exhaust Rear Section 4.5" Tailpipe



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The RCM "Team Ice", Straight through Exhaust Rear Section is not for the faint hearted!

This has been designed to fit all Imprezas 1992 - 2007 and consists simply of a 3" straight through section with no silencer assembly, finished off with a 4.5 slash cut tail pipe that exits the car on a 20 degree angle.

Developed from Roger Clark Motorsport's "Team Ice" street race Impreza, this tail section gives you considerable increase in engine response and performance, but also enhances that familiar Impreza engine note.

This has been hand made using high grade stainless steel 3" pipe work, mounting flanges and hangers. 

Please note that in order to fit RCM645, it is also necessary to fit an RCM 3" centre section and 3" down pipe assembly.

Caution: This is an extremely noisey exhaust accessory!

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# confirmed applications

  • Subaru Impreza - All 1993-2007 UK Turbo/GT/WRX/STI models

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140x23x23 cm

12.35 kg

4.9 kg

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