RCM Powerparts Spec C Profile Camshaft Kit STI V7 - V9



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The RCM Spec C Perfomance Camshaft Kit replicates the very effective OEM cam profiles found on the JDM Hawkeye Spec C models. Acknowldedged as one of the best stock cams used in a factory model and widely utlised in Group N rallying and equally as effective for track day use these cams offer improved engine performance over the camshafts installed in the non Spec C models. 

Available for all Subaru models the RCM Spec C Profile cam kit offers considerable savings over the OEM parts. 

Each Cam is precision ground and polished from a new blank to the same exacting standards and tolerances every time, ensuring you have the same quality cams as you would see in our race engines.

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Subaru Impreza Turbo 2001 - 2007 - V7 - V9 Non Drive By Wire

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